Easter Holidays



This year in Austria the winter bade us farewell rather early compared to the by-gone years – the courtesy of global warming, perhaps. By mid-March the sun was shining and blues skies were bringing radiant smiles on all sundry faces.

As April approached the city became awash in brilliant colours to the delight of nature lovers. In different districts happy daffodils, tulips and lesser celandines tantalised senses and it was apparent that a new beginning was at hand.

Suddenly, during the second week, the cliche’ that weather is unpredictable became true. From nowhere it started raining, temperatures fell and I remembered my winter coat which I had shoved in a box in the basement. For the whole week, last week, the Viennese blended with the gloomy weather; all was back to the days of winter.

Thank goodness today is Friday and we are back to the beloved spring. Just in time for the Easter holidays, the weather is at its best. It’s sunny, warm and rejuvenating.

I’ve been reading the German newspapers, attending conversation language classes and have learnt a few Easter words. Today it’s Good Friday (Karfreitag), and during my Friday outing I bought my teenage children Easter eggs. By the way, it’s the little things that say, ‘I love you.’ Tomorrow will be Karmsamstag, followed by Easter Sunday (Ostersontag).

As days progress, the weather man has forecasted that it will be getting warmer with each passing day, save for light showers. Soon the full blossom of spring will be here and I am thankful for the weather.

Happy Easter.


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