Spring breeze


You pass easily for the best time of the year
Clothed in your rainbow colours; pausing in the freshest of breeze.

You pass easily as the merriest of months;
Bringing freshness into cultural and art galleries.

Klimt, Mozart, Madame Tussaud’s and the like
Spring to ‘immortality’ as they become household names.

You easily bring festive moods and rare sunshine
For feasters to walk off kilograms on the bustling sunny lanes,

Lovers’ avenues fill up, as lovers take in your soft breeze
Singles banish loneliness for good, as they hunt for fantastic finds.

You provide opportunities for night birds to spread wings
In your night warmth and enjoy great balls, dance away lovely nights.

As a magnet you draw music lovers to converge
As they tantalise their senses and spectators’, playing a host of tunes,
The flexible gyrating; their heartbeat infused with the beat.

You finally succumb to Summer heat to usher in its heat-
All begin to slow down and bid farewell to beloved Spring breeze.

(Copyright) By Sibusisiwe Jonathan



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