Early Summer Scenes

Scenes captured on camera during a family outing this weekend:


walking dogs

zee Picnic

‘Summer is cheating’,  is one phrase one hears as people retrieve coats and jackets from basements. They’d thrown them there a couple of weeks ago when temperatures were even hitting  26 degrees celcius. This weekend, starting as early as Wednesday they’d dipped down to 7 degrees – not so pleasant.

However, any hint of sunshine is enough to send all sundry out to breathe  some fresh air after the long winter months and cool spring. Carrying umbrellas during this time is the norm in Austria; downpours are not uncommon during early summer.

One impressive place at present is the Prater amusement park:

prater 2 Dinosaurs still empty at Prater

Finally, the afternoon before the opening ceremony of the ‘Life Ball 2014’ at the City Hall Square. No, we did not attend, but were curious enough to take a few shots.

Life Ball 2014

We finished the early summer scenes with canned Afro Ice coffee from a decorated mobile van, which I thought of photographying when we were a mile away from it. Next time I see it I promise to snap it.

Enjoy your summer.


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