Tourist Numbers on the Increase in Vienna as Summer Sets in


Among other things, Vienna is known for its rich educational and cultural background. The enlargement of the EU, open trade internationally and its geographical location has placed the city in the centre as a business hub. It is not surprising, therefore, that Vienna is one of the most popular cities in Europe during the summer period.




It is also a peaceful city and one of the best to live in. Tourist attraction places are in abundance in different districts of the city.

Summer in Vienna is wonderful and restaurants with outside terraces work well in the warm weather. However, whenever you go for an outing never leave a cardigan, umbrella and/of a raincoat.

Today (Friday the 13th), the weather is excellent for walking and cycling, especially in the first district. For a light lunch, we visited a popular gourmet sausage stand at Schwedenplatz. They serve the popular cheese sausage called Kaserkrainer. Most people love to wash it down with beer – stiegl, but I enjoy it with a cold drink of coca-cola. Those who love pizza and kebab also visit the same place. The atmosphere is great. You can meet people from all over the world.





The other day we shared a stand with this easy-to-talk-to couple from Los Angelo’s. Anyway, it’s as if this weather has a lot to play in individuals’ behaviour. Everyone is jovial and more talkative in summer here. A very big contrast to the behaviour and experiences in winter.





I somehow agree with Natalie Paris who says, “…if you are interested in quality cuisine and culture … then you should come to Vienna.”

Enjoy your summer.


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