Reusing glass bottles versus bugs breeding plastic bottles

Never refill and reuse plastic bottles! Refilling plastic bottles with water or any liquid could be harmful.

They can encourage bacteria to breed. Moreover, they can keep germs. We also  tend to rinse these bottles instead of washing them thoroughly. There various ways to reuse plastic bottles that make more sense than refilling them with liquid. 

Plastic bottles made into jewellery vases and hangers. This is one cool way of reusing plastic bottles. 

Instead,  I am now in the habit of using glass bottles/jars and I feel they are safer than their counterparts. 

I love the curvy look of this honey jar!  

Throwimg them away will be a waste, I think. Some yoghurt jars are too beautiful to put into a trash! Some shops allow you to return the bottles for a fee although it’s very minimal. I opt to use  them to store dry herbs I buy from various markets. Above are some of my latest repackaging of the latest collections of herbs. 

Things to remember:

1) Clean the glass bottle properly

2) Towel the bottle and leave it to dry gor more than 24 hrs on a drying rack.

3) Whatever you are refilling in the bottle must be dry stuff (We shall come back  here with info.  on how to repackage liquid safely. Yes!) 

4) Label the bottle to avoid confusion in your cupboards. You can use stickers or whatever you have to stick  labels. 

Enjoy Christmas markets,  different kinds of punch and glückwein. 


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