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Simple Weekend Meal

Vegetarian means easy, fast and cooking: It can also be healthy!

It started when my darling daughter said she no longer prescribed to eating meat, either red or white considering how she liked grilled spare ribs and chicken. She used to call every type of meat ‘chicken’ including fish.


It’s more  than 5 years now since she became vegetarian! I know how serious she is with this choice, now. Seeing that it can also be healthy, I help her in her journey by researching about how best a vegetarian  can eat without missing out on essential nutrients, especially proteins.

Funny enough, hubby has akso of late declared that he is now semi-vegetarian. He eats less meat; although we always make fun of this state ent, to say, ‘how less is less, and against what does kne measure their consumption level of meat? May be research is necessary and we shall come back with some better scientific explanation later. 🤓

My son on the other hand, does not mind eating everything in moderation, which I think is the best policy about eating style. His only exception is pork, and it also developed as he grew older and had learned that if not well-cooked it can infect one with larva of a worm called Trichinella, leading trichinosis or even death. Yes, interesting too!

Anyway, these days I look out for vegetarian, fruitarian and pesco-vegetarian diet and menu as much as possible. Please feel free to give feedback on any ideas and suggestions.

For example this weekend, I felt that my usual salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes in Thousand Salad Dressing (fat free) was boring everybody at home. Even this type of salad below was getting too much for the whole family.


We all needed something more exciting and different. Even changing the platter can make all the difference to those you are serving, I realised – they were all smiles!

For our weekend salad I mixed previously boiled and seasoned white beans and all raw veggies including spinach, apple, green, red and yellow paprika, a bit of pepperoni, onion and carrots. All these are slightly glazed in half teaspoon of virgin olive oil. Two minutes is enough where you contionuosly turn the vegetables in a pan on top of a stove. This helps to soften the veggies, especially carrots. Otherwise heat carrots only and leave the rest totally raw. Sprinkle lemon juice over the salad and toss.

To go with the salad I discovered that sweet potatoes which are available here, taste better when baked or toasted with a splash of olive oil. Boiling makes them watery and less tasty. So I cut the into cubes or dice them before preparation.  Don’t over do them, whatever you choose to do. The fact that they are charred a bit gives the feel that they are directly roasted over the fire. The smoky aroma and taste is delicious. I love it!


The rest of the family, and yours truly of course, could not do without meat. So I chose something that would fry fast – during weekend, you want to spend as much time as possible with family instead if closing yourself in yht kitchen making Gulash or those time-consuming  meals. Beef tenderloin roast seemed to be the best bait:

I used a non-sticky pan, brushed it with some sun-flower oil and seasoned. When th oil was hot enough, I placed the well-seasoned thin slices of beeft tenderloin in the pan and did 3-4 minutes on both sides. I used medium heat; we like well-done. (You can do the meat the way you like it best. Remember not to overdo it either, otherwise you lose most of the juices and flavour.


You can enjoy this dish with some barbecue or chill sauce.

These days I am enjoying Chai  Moringa tea. The tea is not very tasty but it is good for detoxification ang keep you feeling fresh.

Have a great weekend and all the best for the coming week.









Newborn Baby

By Sibusisiwe Jonathan


(Photo Source:


Mark 9:36-37

New International Version (NIV)

36 He took a little child whom he placed among them. Taking the child in his arms, he said to them, 37 “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”

After reading one of my favourite bloggers, Shar Martinez’s posting entitled ‘Shar loves God’ and listening to my pastor’s sermon twice this week, it hit me afresh; the importance of children in our lives and bringing them up in a godly way. At times as parents we take giving birth and/or having children for granted, forgetting they are a special gift from God. Some couples have been trying for a child, praying and going from one doctor to another but they are still childless. For those, my prayers are with them all today that one day a baby will cry in their homes. With our Lord Jesus there are no impossibilities.
Child bearing is the way which God uses us to have influence now even to the next generation. However, unlike trees that grow tall and strong from rain and sunshine, children need guidance, both physically and spiritually. Raising them is a challenge needing wisdom, love and patience.
From the powerful sermon I now know that we need to celebrate the challenge of raising up children, like Manoah, from the clan of the Danites and his wife (see Judges 13:1-8). After the announcement of the birth of Samson they looked forward to celebrating his up-bringing although they knew that the angel’s instructions were not easy. So it is good to be intentional about celebrating the challenges we face daily. It is also good to spend time in prayer regarding His direction for our lives and to sacrifice and/or surrender to His will as we bring our children up. It is interesting to note that if we do all these diligently, the reward will be great even in the next generation.
Giving birth is another challenge. My children, a son and a daughter are now teenagers but I will tell you that child-birth for both of them was just as God promised – painful. I am always grateful that for both of them there was no Caesarian section. Shar my heart goes out o you. However, there is a purpose for everything that happens to those who love God. Surely, I like this young lady’s passion.
Complaining is the worst thing we can do as parents. But doing everything we should joyfully will not convey a negative impact in our children. By the way, children are good parrots. They learn more from what we do than what we tell them to do. Let’s not convey a message that says, “There’s no joy in serving God.” What is it in our lives that we have or do that will make our children love God? My pastor, Larry Henderson, quoted, I forget where from: “…if you want more for your life, pour your life into something that will last longer than you.” I like this and I will sure start living accordingly.
At times we thing we have to be perfect. No, even in our imperfection we can still desire more for our children and the next generation. Now is the time to starting doing something about these truths, be it you have babies, toddlers or teenagers.
Before I bide you farewell, two things I would say are:
On the earthly realm, let’s teach our children hygiene, manners, respect for others and themselves. (Although all these are found in the Bible).
On the spiritual realm: Let’s stay on our knees waging a spiritual warfare, interceding and giving sacrifices of praise.

This week’s lessons and reading reminded me of one of my poems I penned some months ago when we were going to welcome a new baby in our Life group. It is entitled ‘Welcoming Children’:

Life is full of lots of things
That make it all worthwhile.
But none is better than the love found
In your baby’s smile
A new baby is God’s way
Of saying the world must go on.

It is one of the greatest
Ever perceived miracles,
That life grows inside another and
They are finally separated at birth.
Children are God’s love made visible.


Today I went to Schöbrunn palace, with some of my German classmates. It is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria with 1,441 rooms. We did not go inside the Tiergarten, we only strolled around its magnificent gardens. We were all excited to see the statues and pictures of Sisi. By the way, the ladies call me Sisi as they cannot say my full name. I make sure they don’t use the other shorter version, when they do, in Austria it sounds like ‘kiss’.
We got to the Schonbrunn museum gate soon after eleven o’clock and had no chance of entering.The line to buy tickets was too long, may be next time. It seems everyone is out as it is Friday and the weather is at its best. As my photographer hubby, Ezekiel, was at work, it is understandable why the photos below are not up to scratch. They were taken by yours truly.




Schöbrunn pool


Schönbrunn palace


I am posting this in the evening and the brilliant sky in the pictures and all that one usually expects in spring is nowhere to be seen. There is thunder and lightning; a huge storm is threatening. I guess it’s typical of Vienna weather.

One most disappointed person is my fourteen year old daughter who had pleaded with me until I’d agreed to take her to G3 shopping complex. At the moment she has to understand that we can’t go if the weather does not clear. Oh! that will save my some euros.

Note: The complete sermon online is at or just go to the site and look for the sermon entitled ‘More’.
For Martinez’s article: