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Farewell to Year 2016


Now that we have entered 2017, what is new in your life? The idea is to continue with what is good, noble, progressive and praiseworthy. Don’t do carry-over from 2016. That is, negativity about life, challenges and drawbacks should be left behind. Starting 2017 with positive reslolutions is the best thing one can do for themselves and those around them. Today is a new day and we all have a chance to start afresh.

No matter what obstacles or failures you might have experienced in the last year, determine to start afresh in all spheres of life. Dare to dream anew, knowing that everything is possible to those who believe. Then plan and act on your what your believe to achieve your goals.

Today I woke up late, as is always the case on the first day of New Year. On opening my bedroom curtains, the first thing I saw was a tiny round sun struggling to shine behind some clouds in the midst of thick fog. It got me thinking: Why don’t we, human beings, also thrive in our challenges? Why does the sun still shine even in unfavourable condotions? It might lose it’s beautiful rays, but it shines on upon us when it’s daytime.

This year I determine to shine on despite challenges that might come my way. My resolution is to be the best that I can be in whatever circumstances. You may also choose to do this and much more in 2017.

I hope you have a productive and wonderful year.



Embrace Seasons

Ushering A Brand New Season – Winter comes with Christmas


The Fall is almost over and winter is kicking in. It is getting colder, and more gloomy. We must not allow what is happening in the atmosphere and around us to influence our inner feelings. We can choose to be joyful and enjoy every moment of winter like any other season inspite of everything.

One thing I like about Viennese, is that they  know how to celebrate the coming of winter and Christimas just like any other season.

This weekend saw the opening of various Advent markets all over the city, although others had opened a week ago. We visited Rathaus and took some shots:



Trees which have ben stripped of their leaves; now clothed in bright lights. The  effect the lighting system casts on objects and the dark background was spectacular!


There is different exhibition stands, ranging from housekeeping items, games, craft to food and drinks. The most popular stands are those selling warm punch – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. A great way of keeping visitors warm in the cold weather.

The best time to be outdoors these days in Vienna is after 2p:m till late (esp. if you need to take a story photgraphy. The photgrapher who inspires me is Leanne Cole. Click here to view her photos. Across the road tehre is thsis great theatre

Rise and shine despite the gloom around you. Happy new season!

Early Summer Scenes

Scenes captured on camera during a family outing this weekend:


walking dogs

zee Picnic

‘Summer is cheating’,  is one phrase one hears as people retrieve coats and jackets from basements. They’d thrown them there a couple of weeks ago when temperatures were even hitting  26 degrees celcius. This weekend, starting as early as Wednesday they’d dipped down to 7 degrees – not so pleasant.

However, any hint of sunshine is enough to send all sundry out to breathe  some fresh air after the long winter months and cool spring. Carrying umbrellas during this time is the norm in Austria; downpours are not uncommon during early summer.

One impressive place at present is the Prater amusement park:

prater 2 Dinosaurs still empty at Prater

Finally, the afternoon before the opening ceremony of the ‘Life Ball 2014’ at the City Hall Square. No, we did not attend, but were curious enough to take a few shots.

Life Ball 2014

We finished the early summer scenes with canned Afro Ice coffee from a decorated mobile van, which I thought of photographying when we were a mile away from it. Next time I see it I promise to snap it.

Enjoy your summer.

Are Public Washing Machines Sanitary and Safe?


Our small washing machine hasn’t been working for sometime now. So we have been doing family laundry at a self-service laundromat (Waschtreff) in the neighbourhood, where clothes are washed and dried independent of an attendant. As the machines run one can sit and read or drink coffee from a coffee machine in the laundromat. I prefer to go for a stroll in a park closeby and practise my amateur photography skills.

One time I’d given it up because my hubby and children would make fun of my shaky and hazy photos. Recently I said, “Ok, I want to take and post photos, and that I will do.”

If you have a passion for something, go ahead and learn it. Even taking classes helps and I feel more confident with the camera these days.

By the way, practice makes perfect. I suppose my latest photo below testifies to this fact.


Back to the landromat. Today it was my turn and I was there, and my discomfort of using a laundromat hit me as always. I wondered who had used the machines before me, what were the chances of one getting any kind of infection or disease from the washer or dryer?

“Just how sanitary and safe are these public washing machines anywhere?” I asked Ezekiel later in the evening.

“It’s interesting that you ask that,” he replied. “Have you ever considered how safe or sanitary restaurants or other public facilities are? So many different people visit them, use cutlery, chairs and the like?”

“Actually I haven’t thought of it that way.”

“By the way, the hot water and the detergent you use kill bacteria. But any temperature above, say 45 degrees celcius may be harmful to clothes and using bleach has its own disadvantages.”

“Oh! But… I mean, even the floors are sometimes dirty. I once found a puddle of soapy water.” I insisted.

“With dirty floors it’s a diferent story. But all the times I have been there it was reasonably clean.”

“Not me,…”

“Alright, alright, we’ll do something about our domestic waching machine.”

After this the topic changed. We started talking about upcoming birthday, two of them and Mothers’ day that will be in two days.

But I was still thinking: Just how sanitary and safe are public washing machines? I’m not a scientist neither am I a health practitioner. I wonder what others out there think?